New York at nightIt may seem odd to write an blog entry about how you may not see too many blog entries for a while. But, here we are!

What’s the hubbub, you ask?

March marks my birthday celebration month — because my birthday jubilee cannot be contained to one mere day on the calendar. And I enjoy doing it up right! So for the next 31 days, I will partake in an arts & culture smorgasbord of delights (within financial reason, of course). The entrees will include multiple theater events, museum exhibits, bookstore browsings, dance classes outside of my comfort zone, and maybe even a tattoo artist. Did I mention that there’s a Albert Camus festival going on this month as well?

Yep. I’m embracing the advice of the Fire Monkey and doing up this last year of my **cough**’s with style, gusto and nerd-like grace. …And isn’t that the best kind of grace.

But since I fear sharing details might jinx how everything goes, I won’t tell you all of my plans. Just know that someone recently shared the details of the NYC Broadway lottery system and the TodayTix app. There’s also an absurd number of post-it notes littering my desktop with dates of museum and gallery exhibits closing this month and not enough time to see them all.

So why the heads up on possible ::cricket sound:: here on Incandescere?

Because with all the saying “Yes” to life, I may not find myself behind the keyboard as often as I would like. But at the same time, I would love to capture as much of my “Arts & Culture Extravaganza” for you, dear readers. So trust me, there will be updates. Just perhaps in a even more sporadic fashion than usual.

But should I return with tales of cultural wonders and happy expressions of artistic merriment, trust that it was all worth it. And if you happen to see me at the March 18th performance of She Loves Me, don’t hesitate to come over and say “Happy Birthday!”


Hat Tip to the immensely talented Luke Del Tredici for the 30 Rock episode that inspired today’s blog title.