Last Saturday marked my fifth year volunteering for the Cadillac Barbie IN Pride Parade in Indianapolis. Ever since returning to Indy in 2010, I’ve made a point to stay involved in celebrating the diversity of art and culture in my community. Somehow spending one Saturday morning guiding parade floats to their correct starting position, scrambling to get marching bands in the right order, and shouting to be heard over the Absolut Vodka float bumping the latest dubstep soundtrack hardly seems like enough of a contribution. But I’m happy to offer my time, energy and vocal cords to help make this event something Hoosiers can be proud of.

Here are a few (read: 15) images from my day in the sun and the beautiful organized chaos that ensues when you’re trying to pull off a Pride parade on a balmy Saturday in June.

  • You can never have enough Vodka floats
  • The early hours before the parade
  • Queuing for a trip down the avenue
  • Marchers and pedestrians mingling
  • Gathering the marchers is a process
  • Section C of the Parade route
  • Because its Pride thats why
  • Looking fabulous
  • Mirkin and their orange poodle
  • Vegas Scooters and Bikes
  • Heading down the Parade route
  • On the way to the Festival
  • The Murat minarette after the Parade
  • IndyPride on the American Legion Mall
  • IndyPride Diversity