I know we’re only 2 weeks in, but I can definitely say without a doubt, it’s going to be a very interesting summer. So interesting in fact, my plate spinning skills are going to be Ed Sullivan Show-worthy by Labor Day weekend. Allow me to tell you why.

For all my plans about what I wanted to do this season to celebrate my 2-year relocation anniversary, life recently decided to take a gander at those plans and say “Ha! I have a different idea. How about this?”

But have no fear. Although I need to step up my scheduling and organizing game for the remainder of the summer, I have no intention of letting anything fall by the wayside. So if you follow me on social media (and if not, the icons in the sidebar will lead you there), you’ll probably hear me complain refer to my attempts to stay on top of things and keep the hustle going. Just remember, it’s not multitasking. It’s careful planning. 😉

To get an idea of all the things I’m juggling, here’s a task gif list that perfectly communicates my weekly to-do list and the spirited determination I’ll possess to accomplish it all over the next quarter.

Client Writing Assignments

Client Marketing Assignments

Client Copy Editing Assignments


PMP Certification Classes and Studying



FT Job Searching


Weekly Life Life-y-ness

(cleaning, cooking, hanging with my family, having fun, etc.)

So remember, should you run into me on social media or in real life and I seem a bit scattered, please understand that I am not completely in the weeds. I’m merely trying to traverse them as best I can during an amazing period of transition. I love a challenge and I see some truly exciting opportunities on the horizon.

With that in mind, my goal, of course, is not to get overwhelmed. So please don’t hesitate to give me a thumbs up or a high-five if I look a bit frazzled. I’m sure that will help keep my eyes on the prize and remember that good fortune lies ahead.