Lumiere from Disney's Beauty & The BeastThis week, I stepped outside of my safe haven here on Incandescere to write my first guest post for another blog. “Don’t Fear The Red Pen” is today’s guest post on P.S. Jones’ Diary of a Mad Freelancer.

I’m an avid fan of PJ’s writing and Diary of a Mad Freelancer has definitely helped me work out a number of kinks and quirks I’ve found in my freelancing business. (Even some I didn’t even know I had.) So when PJ mentioned how she found the self-editing process to be more than a little daunting, I jumped at the chance to share my technique. Well, it’s not so much a technique as it is the only way I know how to get the job done.

Culling my 15 years of editing experience along with my goodness-knows-how-long adventure of putting pen to paper,
I shell out some advice on how self editing doesn’t have be the bane of your existence. Believe it or not, I edit the hell out of my writing before I click “Publish.” I also edit for layout and flow after I’ve finished … being finished.

Yeah, I know it sounds cumbersome, but trust me. Once you discover your process and don’t fear the red pen, your writing will only improve. And hopefully, your business will too. Go check it out and tell me what you think!