Why This Is Awesome: In January, I got my arts & culture fix with a one-man show featuring one of my favorite rappers. Earlier this month, I got my fix via another music man by the name of Jack Broadbent, a Montreal-residing, British-born blues artist with a penchant for a folk tune or two.

On Friday, February 7th, I made my way down to the Hopewell Theater in Hopewell, NJ, to see Mr. Broadbent make his New Jersey debut, as well as pick up the vinyl edition of his new album. Along with him for his first concert in the Garden State was a wonderful Americana artist named Jarrod Dickenson, who was accompanied by his lovely wife sometimes singing backup, sometimes singing duet.

What I love most about this lotus moment in the video above isn’t simply the performance of Little Feat’s classic song, “Willin’,” but everything that made it special that I couldn’t capture on video or in a photo. The venue was intimate, but generous; the atmosphere was soothing, but electric; and the art was subversive, but heartwarming.

Add that to the fact that I “discovered” Broadbent when he opened for Jonny Lang in August 2017, and now I own my first vinyl by Dickenson thanks to him opening for Broadbent this year. I love it when artists support artists, uplifting others along the way. This was a great lotus moment, indeed.

Ready the Horses vinyl record by Jarrod Dickenson