Silver Streak Love!

Why this is awesome: I came across this beautiful specimen while out running a few errands this past weekend and … can I just say I had to resist the urge to run up and hug her! The owner came out of the store while I was snapping pictures. I immediately apologized for invading his privacy and assured him that I didn’t take pictures of the license plates.

She called my name!

Classic Silver Streak

He quickly put my anxiety to rest with a casual: “No worries! I get it all the time.” Although I regret not asking him the year of his vintage Pontiac Straight-8 Silver Streak, he did share that he inherited the car from his father, who inherited it from his father. Which means that luminescent copper beauty fits in perfectly with the 21-year production line of the Silver Streak. [They were discontinued in 1954.] … Can I go back and hug it?

Be sure to click through to the full-size images. They’re less blurry that way. 😉

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