Fumero Mural in Newark
Why This Is Awesome:
While taking care of business this Saturday along Halsey St., I had the good fortune to park my car in front of a mural in progress being created by Fumero, a Brooklyn-based artist, muralist and designer venturing out to our side of the Hudson. Not wanting to disturb his fumeroizing, I snapped a few photos as he worked on a piece dedicated to beloved Newark poet Breya Knight, who recently passed away

I did manage to return to my car as Fumero was closing up shop for the day. He and I chatted briefly and he told me about his “fumeroizing” tag vs his “fumeroism” tag. A unique spirit with a super strong handshake, Fumero shared a little bit about his plans to add to the work when he gathers more paint. Unfortunately, I couldn’t recommend anywhere close by for him to get more paint, although that seems like a missed opportunity for the Halsey street district. Maybe I’ll do a little research on that, and should I run into him again, I’ll be able to point him in the right direction. It’s the least I can do for Newark, Breya and fumeroism.