The Beacon
Why This Is Awesome:
In early May, I had the pleasure of enjoying my first show at the esteemed Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side. This opulent palace in a city brimming with opulent palaces has a way of standing out from the rest by simply letting its hallowed, ornate walls speak for themselves.

Drawing some of the biggest names in America’s arts and entertainment industry since it opened in 1929, you can’t help but imagine how many people have sat in those plush seats (2,874 total) and gazed with awe on the likes of The Allman Brothers, Queen, The Rolling Stones, the cast of Madame Butterfly, Michael Jackson, Jerry Seinfeld, and of course, like this Sunday’s 70th annual presentation, the Tony Awards.

Although I won’t be in attendance at the event itself, I will be nearby at a Tony Awards viewing party celebrating the immeasurable talent of the stage and remembering the brilliance and majesty that took my breath away inside that theater only a month before.

You’ll definitely want to click on the photo to get a closer look and fully appreciate the details on the Beacon’s interior walls.