The Kooks at Danforth Music Hall

Why this is awesome: I didn’t make it out to many concerts in 2014, but as I take a look at all of the upcoming summer concerts scheduled for 2015, I’m reminded of the one I did enjoy last year. While on vacation up north in funky TO, I — along with 2 native Torontonians and 1 Australian expat — took in The Kooks at Danforth Music Hall.

I can’t say I’m the world’s biggest Kooks fan, but since I love expanding my horizons and people watching with abandon, I had a really fun time. While there, I snapped this photo of the crowd having an even better time, reminding me of how nice it can be to go outside your comfort zone. Plus, after the concert, Paul, Steve, Amanda and I went to Factory Girl for drinks and poutine. 🙂