Statues at Chicago Hotel

Why This Is Awesome: I’m always fascinated by the variety of art that gets chosen to be included in a development project or outdoor space. Whether it’s murals, statuesdancing installations, or something even more esoteric, art in open spaces is one of the ways that art affects all of us equally, regardless of whether we view it as essential to a healthy society or vibrant community.

I think that speaks to the agency of the creative class to influence and engage in ways that most wouldn’t consider. Now that doesn’t mean all art is subversive. Sometimes a colorful larger-than-life toy robot is a colorful larger-than-life toy robot. And there’s something to be said for art that isn’t delivering a message or supporting a cause other than a desire to make us smile or laugh. Activist art and non-activist art can coexist in harmony if we allow it to do so.

And that’s why I think this piece, seen at the Marriott Marquis Chicago hotel, is awesome!