The wall of love

Why This Is Awesome: Le mur des je t’aime is one of those tourist spots that you don’t really travel to a city or country to see, but if you’re in the neighborhood to see something else, you figure “Why not?” That was the case last year while waiting for my walking tour group to assemble near the Abbesses metro station in Paris. (Turns out, I was at the wrong metro station.)

I had arrived earlier than planned, but I couldn’t tell which of the many walking tours preparing to disembark from this location was mine. So with a little time to kill, I walked over to the Jehan Rictus garden to take a gander at The I Love You Wall and, perhaps, do a little people watching.

The 40 m² blue wall features 612 enamelled lava squares with the words “I love you” written in over 150 languages emblazoned upon them. According to the creators of this popular site for couples, the red splashes that appear throughout the art piece represent fragments of a broken heart that can only be assembled when the world comes together in the name of love.

Not a bad “Why not?” indeed.