Bottle Chandelier

Why This Is Awesome: One of my first lotus moments here on the blog was of a ceiling fan in a local coffeehouse in my hometown of Indianapolis. I went there to read, write and people watch — you know, the typical coffeehouse behavior — but in the process, my mind wondered as my eyes wandered and I ended up sitting back and taking in the details of the space. Then, I looked up, saw artistry in the simple and ordinary, and just … relaxed.

Fast forward six years later, on an early February evening in the Ironbound district of my new city, and I find myself doing the same. This time waiting for an event to start at one of my favorite coffeehouses/restaurants, the Blueprint Cafe Lounge, I allowed my mind to wonder as my eyes wandered. Then, in a moment of patient repose, I looked up and saw what I captured in the image above. It, too, simple and ordinary. And I smiled.

I think it’s important to grow and change as life takes us on its wayward journey. At the same time, it’s nice to see that some things never change.