Morphous 1

Why This Is Awesome:
I’ve passed through Union Square plenty of times in last three months, but as I made my way to my destination, I kept telling myself that I must take a moment to check out this new installation on the north end of the small triangle green on the east side of the park. And last week, I finally did.

Morphous by South African artist Lionel Smit is his first public art work in the U.S. and is a beautiful addition to the space that encourages us all to take a moment and pause in our commutes to admire our connection to something bigger. The sculpture goddess, a Cape Malay native meant as a commentary on the dual-identity of South Africa as it looks to the future without forgetting the complexity of its past, is made of bronze and is on display until April 2017.

Here are a few more shots of the piece that help capture the grandeur and beauty of this dual-headed creation. Please feel free to click on the images to get a closer view.

Morphous 2

Morphous 3

Morphous 4

Morphous 5