The Four Kings

Why This Is Awesome: Today, millions around the world are mourning in unison. Sharing photos, stories, and tears. Commingling together the way humans do when they experience a loss. We get personal. We get poignant. We grieve.

I, too, have walked the halls of the Cathédrale de Notre Dame, but it was only 2 years ago. This structure standing for the better part of a millennium was only experienced through legend, history books, movies and postcards until 2017. I had dreamt of visiting Paris since I was a teenager, but it was only on my 40th birthday when I was able to make that a reality.

Which makes me think of all the people who have not yet been in a position to leave their home city or homeland to visit its hallowed halls. I don’t judge these people, like some. I recognize that travel is indeed a luxury for a world where the poor and working class are the majority, and it is spaces like Notre Dame that exist to welcome them in with open arms, but is largely visited by the middle class and wealthy.

I know France will rebuild her. It will take time, of course, but she is not dead. And she is we. But until then, we will mourn in unison, and hope that the world changes for the better so more of the majority can one day visit her and marvel too.

She is we




I touched this space