Washington Square Park fountain

Why This Is Awesome: This photo was taken on a Sunday, just not this past Sunday. While many of us are engaged in self-isolation or at least restricted movement during this Covid-19 outbreak, some of us are still making our way to local parks and public spaces for exercise. And by some, I mean a lot.

No shaming intended because I’m all for taking advantage of the outdoors, especially if it contributes to mental wellness during times of unusual stress and anxiety. However, I’ve recently heard stories and seen videos of a lot of people failing to maintain social distancing while enjoying the great outdoors. Which made me think of this photo I snapped last August in Washington Square Park in NYC after enjoying a walking tour of Greenwich Village.

What is fascinating is how despite being a mere 7 months ago, I see more people practicing social distancing in this photo than when I went for a walk after my local and state government directed everyone to limit time outside the home. 😉

Regardless of my latest trip to the park, I miss the moment when I captured this photo. I miss that sense of peace I felt with the sun warming my face and a slight breeze cooling my arm, reminding me that fall was on its way. It was a genuine lotus moment. One that I hope brings you pleasant distraction. Perhaps we’ll see it again come August 2020 when we may enjoy a truly pleasant, non-life threatening Sunday in the park.