Art in Its Many Forms

Why This Is Awesome:
 Here at Incandescere, I celebrate art in its many forms. Whether it be dance, food, or stand-up comedy. I prefer to enjoy it one experience at a time, but there’s nothing quite like the opportunity to collect my next round of delights in one fell swoop. That’s what I did last month on a fun outing in Chelsea.

One afternoon hanging out with a buddy of mine, we hit up Forbidden Planet to satisfy our nerdy leanings. Then, we headed next door to the famous NYC landmark Strand bookstore. Not only did I get to enjoy catching up with my friend, but from top left, I found this windfall of awesomeness: the vinyl album Dig by Miles Davis featuring Sonny Rollins (shrink-wrapped and in perfect condition no less), Issue #4 of the Justice League Dark series before the New 52 storylines ended, a Harley Quinn apron to represent my geekery in the kitchen, Misty Copeland‘s autobiography Life In Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina in paperback, and Farai Chideya’s new book The Episodic Career to get signed this week at her lecture in Harlem.

I’m an arts and culture lover in its many forms, and I’m ready to dive in!