Tree in Washington Park

Why This Is Awesome: On my way to return (and check out) some books at the Newark library branch downtown, I walked through the nearby Washington Park to return to my car. It was there that I saw this fascinating image painted (?) on a tree. I’m not sure of its origin or how long its been there, but I know I just couldn’t pass by without taking a photo.

It fascinates me how art can go from a grandiose display in hallowed spaces like the MoMA in New York to simple, understated displays in our own small towns with little fanfare and still have the same impact as the other. That is, if you let it.

I don’t know who put the face in the tree, but I do know that it provokes my mind and brightens my day with or without the permission of the masses. And in the end, that is why art is the perfect connection to our collective humanity. That, or I just like the face in the tree.