Bus Stop on a fall evening

Why This Is Awesome: I take 3 forms of public transportation every day: a bus, a train, then the subway. For the most part, I accept that this is my life now. Other days, it makes me want to roll up in a ball and rock myself to sleep.

But every now and then, I see something that calms me, maybe even delights me. Like this image. On this recent, but quickly fading, balmy evening waiting for the bus, I marveled at the variety of light dancing in front of me in so many forms.

I like the pale moonlight partially hidden by the clouds. I like the character of the streetlamp. Not creating enough light to enjoy a book while I wait, but enough to glow an eerie absinthe green tint. I like the red Rutgers Business school sign that tells me I’m in the right place to wait for the bus that’ll be both late and overcrowded. I like the disturbing lens flare on the next streetlamp that produces a playful shadow or two on the sidewalk and beyond.

I like them all. Even the headlights of the car zooming past, taunting us straphangers with his convenient means of private transportation. In the hustle and bustle of change I’ve experienced lately, this moment was surprisingly calm and warm.