Waiting for the R Train

Why This Is Awesome: Sometimes waiting for the subway train can feel like molasses rolling downhill in winter. But other times, it provides you those highly undervalued moments to pause and think about what you’re experiencing, why has your path led you here, and what you can control to take you where you want to go.

These are the type of thoughts that went through my mind six months ago as I waited for the R train in Brooklyn. It had been a long and lovely day spent at Coney Island, where I enjoyed a rapturous old school hip hop concert, a walk by the beach, and people-watching on the boardwalk. But despite that flurry of fun, this is what I remember most on this brisk day in February as I mark my 18 months living on the East Coast — standing on the 59th St. subway platform for 22 minutes waiting for my connecting train to arrive. As I look back on it now, as odd as it may seem, I see it was time well spent. Where will we go from here?