Year of the Monkey by Vhines200

Every year I write a Lunar New Year’s post filled with goals and ideas that I aspire to complete. But this year, no grand aspirations came to me in time for the actual holiday on February 8th. And now, after a week of deliberation, I’m still tabula rasa.

There’s just something about this lunar year, Year of the Metal Fire Monkey, that’s different. Every winter, I genuinely research the expectations and forecasts for the Lunar New Year as it’s told by those who know it far better than me. Then I try to come up with ideas that might prove possible under those circumstances. Some of my reaches far exceed my grasp; some aims are a walk in the park in comparison.

But this year… I couldn’t conceive of not one goal that mirrored the predictions of high risk adventures and ambitions associated with the Fire Monkey. After last year’s life changing saga, I dare say that my mind is seeking stability and evolution, not escapades and revolution. But what does that say about me? Is it a thoughtful approach to a world where yin and yang rule the day? And if so, haven’t I spent the last 5 years trapped in a world of yin?

On the arts & culture front, my dedication will not wane. I fully intend to enjoy more theater (as a matter of fact, She Loves Me is my upcoming musical comedy birthday gift to me), visit new museums (road trip to see the “Black Pulp” exhibit in New Haven is already planned), and read more tomes by gifted historians and brilliant creatives I admire (The Scholar Denied; Small Move, Big Change). But surely I can do better than that?

I find myself at this strange crossroads where I see the path to forming a foundation, maintaining a steady hand, and focusing on internal growth. On the other side, I see a road that says this is the time to re-invent and take advantage of all the glorious opportunities just outside your door. Is it possible to walk both paths? Or perhaps take a third road that marries the two?

Well, that is the $64,000 question.

To be honest, I never felt more like myself than when I lived in LA. A part of that was due to the power of exploration and growth, pushing myself outside my comfort zone. But alas, it was not all wine and roses. And the mistakes of the past are the guiding wands of today. So… as of today, my only goals for the Lunar New Year are as such:

  1. Write for 10 separate new publications or clients
  2. Pay off one credit card (thanks to debt accrued during relocation move)
  3. Start an herb garden
  4. Strive for something so grand it blows my mind!

Now how’s that for juxtaposition?! 🙂 There was a time when all my dreams scared me. After seeing how right I was when I didn’t follow my intuition (opting instead to listen to others), I miss that feeling. I would like the Year of the Fire Monkey to be a year of sublime growth, beautiful surprises and shrewd reclamation.

A desire to take full advantage of my new community still ignites my enthusiasm, but the realization that I’m only human and rest is not a sin will help guide me to a brighter future in the New Year.