Birthday CandlesMarch has come and gone, and April is about half over, yet somehow I feel like I’m still recuperating from my birthday month-long arts & culture extravaganza. “Extravaganza” may seem a bit strong of a word, but trust me, anything less would not do.

As I mentioned so long ago in my last post, I planned to do up the month of my birth with a little something extra that would involve me taking advantage of some fun, educational and weirdly amazing opportunities available to me in the Tri-State area. Not only did I succeed in pampering myself, I did so much that I can only convey its significance via photo essay. 😉

From art galleries to Broadway plays to lectures featuring respected poets and Hollywood stars, I used March to broaden my horizon while at the same time, reminding myself of what’s important. I didn’t get to do everything I had planned, but instead of seeing that as a flaw, I’ve decided that it’s a reflection of my desire to dream big — and have those dreams scare me a little bit in the process. Now isn’t that the mark of great birthday celebration?

Here’s what you’ll see when I checked off my list in the photos below.

  • Delighted in my road trip to CT to visit the Yale University Art Gallery for the Black Pulp! illustrators, cartoonists and comic books exhibit
  • Saw the magnificent Forest Whitaker premiere in his Broadway debut in Hughie
  • Visited the Unorthodox exhibit at the Jewish Museum on the UES
  • Ate at a highly recommended UES diner that had great omelettes [Thank you, Leslie!]
  • Enjoyed the absurdly talented cast of She Loves Me for my first Broadway musical
  • Had my fabulous 4-inch birthday (cheese)cake at the recently reopened Carnegie Deli
  • Attended WWE Live at Madison Square Garden
  • Celebrated my mother’s birthday with a family dinner and nerds-in-heaven outing to see Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. I loved it by the way!!!
  • Listened to the authoritative, yet gentle Viggo Mortensen as he recited Albert Camus’ 1946 speech “The Human Crisis” at Columbia University for New York’s very first celebration of Albert Camus’ writing and visit to NYC called Camus: A Stranger in the City.

Yep! I think that covers it. Enjoy!

  • Black Pulp marquee
  • The early days of black comics
  • Political cartoon on Scottsboro trial
  • Black Lobo comic book
  • Luke Cage comic book
  • Static Shock comic
  • Black Panther comic book
  • Cartoon from BPP newspaper
  • Hughie on Broadway
  • The Booth Theater on Broadway
  • Indoor marquee for Hughie
  • Ion Turntable
  • Record player in use
  • Simone and J Dilla records
  • Unorthodox at the Jewish Museum
  • Bicycle Art by Unknown
  • Bicycle Art II by Unknown
  • Half a Bike Art by Unknown
  • A Mistaken Style of Life by Auste
  • Dancing with the Stars by Philip Smith
  • The Garden Rug - Confabulation in a Tent by Nadira Husain
  • Untitled by Jamian Juliano-Villani
  • The Guggenheim
  • She Loves Me
  • She Loves Me at Studio 54
  • Carnegie Deli Cheesecake
  • Strangers on the PATH
  • The New Day at The Garden
  • Ambrose at The Garden