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Adinkra Guidance Cards Combine Spiritual Health and West African History

Adinkra Guidance Cards article for Well+Good - Pg 1
Since its launch in 2010, Well+Good magazine has become an undeniable source for advancing the conversation around holistic wellness and the application of self-care practices that people benefit in multiple areas in their lives. From diet and exercise to travel and beauty, the online publication has reached a wide audience over the last decade, and I was happy to contribute in February 2020 with an article I think touches on the need to view self-care from an individualistic perspective and speak to the diverse needs of the world.

My article, “Adinkra Guidance Cards Combine Spiritual Health and West African History to Steer Self Care Away From One-Size-Fits-All Routines” takes a look the more spiritual side of self-care. For the piece I interviewed the owner of Bresi-Ando’s Tools for Living and creator of the Adinkra Ancestral Guidance Cards to find out what led her to craft this special oracle card deck, and what she hoped the insightful tool would do for members of the African Diaspora community.

You can view the entire article by clicking on the images in the carousel to the right, visit the Well+Good website to view it there, or you can download it to read in full here.