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Newark Foundry Workspaces – August 2017 Newsletter

Newark Foundry Workspaces ? August 2017 Newsletter
The summer of 2017 was a busy one, but thankfully I have some proof that I didn’t let it fly by without producing a portfolio-worthy piece to illustrate my professional growth. Case in point, my first MailChimp e-newsletter after years of producing them in other programs.

But of course I couldn’t allow my novice-level experience lead me to create something that screams “newbie,” so I threw my magazine editorial expertise into the project and the result was none-too-shabby. The August 2017 e-newsletter for the Newark Foundry Workspaces, a co-working and executive office space in Newark, NJ, includes fresh new content (an interview with a local chef on-the-rise who was catering a special event at the office for the building’s owner), information about new technology utilized in the building, an introduction to new office tenants, and much more.

If you’d like to take a look at the e-newsletter in action, you can find it here. or you can read it here on my website by clicking on the images in the carousel to the right.