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#TakeCare ~ Journaling For Better Mental Health

Journaling For Better Mental Health
For most of my clients, I create content related to philanthropy, entrepreneurship, career development or, in the early days of my journalism career, music. But every now and then, I get an idea that’s outside of my clients’ scope. That’s where you’ll find my pieces about the artistic world and holistic wellness — and the intersection of the two. In September 2016, I had the pleasure to share my thoughts on how I prefer to cope with that intersection through the act of journaling.

A heartfelt thank you to UK-based YourWellness Blog for giving me an opportunity to provide some insight on the mental and physical health benefits of journaling. You can read the piece in full via the image carousel on the right (just click to enlarge) or on the website where it lives (here) and see why it’s a topic I was so eager to write about.