Project Description

Tapping Into The Artist Within

The Cover of The Core
“Tapping Into The Artist Within” is a small feature that I wrote for a lifestyle and wellness magazine called The Core. In the June 2018 issue, my article appeared alongside pieces on home decor, sustainable healthcare products, work/life balance, and an interview with the photographer Damola Akintunde. My article focused on offering advice to those who wish to develop their creativity despite perhaps feeling as if they’re not as artistic as their contemporaries.

The piece not only advised readers on how to expand their interests in the world of arts and entertainment, it also shared details on how exercising one’s creativity can help you in other areas of their lives, such as stress reduction and socializing with your local community.

Unfortunately, the digital magazine is no longer in production, but you can take a look at my contribution by clicking on the images in the carousel to the right. There are two pages total, so if you prefer something a little easier to review, you can download the article here.