Hike by prodigy130I decided to skip my characteristic rambling opener and jump right to the heart of the matter, so please excuse my brusque tone this time around.

Starting in August 2015, I will no longer be a resident of Indiana. I’ve accepted a position at a magazine in New York, and as a result, I’m relocating to New Jersey to take up residence as a member of the bridge-and-tunnel crowd. This plan has been in the works for some time — with several false starts — but barring any catastrophic events or my patented brand of terrible luck, it looks like I’m East Coast bound.

What does that mean for Incandescere? Well, for the month of August and September, I’ve informed my clients that I have to reduce my availability due to the organized chaos of relocating. Thankfully, I have experience doing this in the past (read: my 2004 move to Los Angeles), so I have an idea of how to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Plus, I’m probably the most adaptable person I know. Not always a great trait, but often times, an important one.

So with fewer assignments to fulfill, boxes piling up by the door and a to do list a mile long, you may see fewer blog posts from me over the next two months. You might have noticed that a couple times this year, the blog posts were a little more sparse, but that was actually due to fulfilling my client’s assignments and less to the much more physically laborious task of relocating. But the pattern may appear the same.

So what’s the shining light at the end of this tunnel? Other than an editor position in Midtown? I hope to actually do more with my blog after I get settled in on the East Coast. This is an arts & culture blog, for Pete’s sake. So why in the world wouldn’t I keep the party going with a move to a vibrant, eclectic and always unpredictable arts scene that’s sandwiched between NY and NJ?!

After I return to a sense of routine, you’ll likely see more Lotus Moments, Gallery Keens and Public Art posts. Additionally, I hope to share short and quick bursts of inspiration, information and creativity that may not fall into a convenient schedule of once per week. You know how much I love to wax effusive about the things I see and experience, but I’m working on balancing my time behind the keyboard and your time staring at my oodles and oodles of paragraphs. 🙂

So watch this space! I’ve not abandoned you, my lovelies. I have two more weeks of this crucible called relocation, but I shall return even more dynamic and incandescent than ever before!