The Chrysler BuildingI’ve started a new journey, ladies and gents. A journey that may lead to as many quixotic experiences of fulfillment as emotional fits of distress. But that’s the nature of most journeys, right? Or perhaps that’s what I’ll keep telling myself to help cope with the drastic changes I’ve embraced in the last 4 weeks.

As you might recall, I’ve relocated to a new city and began a full-time position working for an East Coast publication. This week has been an interesting one that’s taken me along on a roller coaster ride of confusion, frustration, appreciation, disappointment, respect and determination. If I didn’t know any better, I would say a force much more powerful and omniscient than myself saw fit to throw every single public transportation debacle I could possibly encounter — short of a train derailment — at me this week.

To borrow words from Elton John, I’m still standing. But I’m not so sure it’s better than I ever did. And I’m certainly not feeling like a little kid.

Yet I will say that despite the numerous mistakes I’ve made between trains, subways and buses this week, I have met and seen some fascinating images. Additionally, I’ve met some engaging people who remind me to not stay away from my writing for too long. From the budding, yet arrogant chef recently relocated from San Diego I met on the commuter train to the horribly, caustic office manager (read: admin assistant) in my new apartment building, I’ll have enough fodder to fill the tales of 1,000 short stories, poems, blog posts and perhaps even a novel or two once this journey draws to a close.

And that’s not all. Take a look at just a few of the images I’ve captured over the last fortnight as I rode this ocean wave to a new locale of strange, beautiful and even stranger things.