Super Bowl 46 in IndianapolisIf you live in the U.S., you might have heard about a little competition that happened this past Sunday in my hometown of Indianapolis called the Super Bowl. I’m in no way endorsing the NFL or its many sponsors, advertisers and scantily clad fanfare, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see my much belittled city show how awesome it can be when we put our minds to it.

I’ve written about a variety of events around Indianapolis, but the majority of them have been related to arts and culture. Whether it’s theatre, dance or museum exhibits, I love the opportunity to show that there’s more than corn in Indiana.

But the Super Bowl is a different beast and Indianapolis collectively worked its butt off to put on a great event for football fans (and celebrities) who traveled near and far to participate in the festivities. And although I didn’t get my chance to ogle Jon Hamm in person or rock out to Pitbull, it was a great week here in Indy.

Of course, the 10-day celebration ended with the big game. But since I didn’t have tickets to that showdown, I spent my Sunday afternoon downtown in the created-just-for-the-occasion Super Bowl Village taking in the energy of the crowd and giving it one last hurrah.

Here are a few photos and videos I shot of the last day in the heart of the village. As usual, the images aren’t the highest quality, but hopefully, the amazing weather and great spirits of that day shine through.

Last Day of the SuperBowl Village

Indiana Convention Center for SB46

Zipline fun

SB46 Poster

Crowd enjoying DJ Rusty Redenbacher

The XLVI on the Circle up close

This video is just a brief shot of fans riding the zipline down from the tower. As you can see, some choose to ride down in more creative ways than others.

A wobbly video of The Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument and the XLVI letters representing the Super Bowl’s 46th championship game. The photos above help give perspective, but I think the video does even more so.

And my absolute favorite get of the day, a video of a young waitress on her break dancing to the music in the Super Bowl Village courtyard. That’s Indianapolis’ DJ Rusty Redenbacher’s music and voice you hear shouting in the background.