Eraser by Alkruse24It can be difficult for a freelancer to reset after a hectic schedule. Whether it’s multiple deadlines or family obligations that fill your calendar, all of us find ourselves juggling a flurry of projects from time to time.

Of course, when those frenetic waves of activity hit they’re usually followed by calming ebbs of normalcy. But sometimes that transition back to your everyday routine can be more difficult than you think.

When I find my schedule filled to the brim with multiple revisions, extensive research and strict deadlines, I do my best to navigate the expectations of my clients without coming apart at the seams. Yet even though I prepare myself in advance for these very situations, I’m always affected by the stress and daily life alterations they introduce.

So when articles are complete, invoices sent, and follow-ups scheduled, I take the time to relax and reset. And what do I do to help regain my sense of status quo? I clean.

It sounds simplistic (and yes, a little cliché), but it works. I don’t rush headlong into any back-breaking spring cleaning. I simply tend to all the household chores that may have fallen by the wayside while I was burning the midnight oil.

Once I’m done scrubbing the stress away, I feel I can truly dive into the next project with a clear head. Perhaps it’s a Feng Shui tactic — less clutter, less distraction — but a clean environment provides the tabula rasa necessary to give my new list of priorities the attention and focus they deserve.

On top of that, I alleviate any guilt I may have about neglecting my personal space, office and home. The clean slate approach becomes physical and metaphorical at the same time.

As I slowly dig myself out of the tornado of professional assignments and personal projects, I’m also dedicating time and energy to clean, organize and relax. From there, I know I’ll be in a better position to tackle new (and recurring) developments with ease.

Cleaning is my reset button.
How do you reset?