Rodin's I Am BeautifulArtistic virtuoso Kesha Bruce is assembling a fascinating exhibition tour known as 6×6 for the artists and art lovers in all of us. Along with her partner Charlie Grosso, Bruce will be launching a multi-city tour featuring back-to-back presentations of some of the most talented artists in the industry today. But first comes the fund-raising.

Bruce had the kooky idea of creating a promotional trailer to showcase the different types of artists in the world and how the 6×6 exhibition truly represents the indomitable spirit of the artist’s way of life. The idea is to ask artists around the world to record themselves reciting Bruce’s brilliant inspirational piece The Art Manifesto.

Well, I’m not an artist in the strictest sense. I like to think of what I do as a writer and editor is help create a voice for those struggling to find theirs. Whether it’s in the form of copywriting, music journalism or development editing, I hope to shine a light on people, ideas and events that make our lives just a little more tolerable and a lot more livable every day. Art & culture inspires me and my work, which is why I blog about such “hoity-toity” events in my community and on any given weekend, you might find me at a poetry slam, gallery opening or theater production.

But I don’t know if that qualifies me as an artist. Most days, I feel like the average working stiff trying her darnedest to stay afloat. I imagine that’s how most people with any kind of ambition or goal feel at one time or another, so maybe that’s why I decided to take part in Bruce’s Art Hero project.

I wanted to get involved not because I want to be included in the final trailer, but because the manifesto is a wonderful testament to creativity and the commitment it takes to keep going when everyone tells you to give up and get a “real” job. I believe artists can be heroes, and the part they play in our society is just as vital as the role of the teacher, the police officer or the farmer. That is why I salute those who pursue art as a profession and those who recognize its impact on the world around us.

Sorry about the sound, ladies and gentlemen. The background noise is fairly heavy thanks to a less-than-great microphone on my digital camera, but I hope you can still hear me without too much trouble. If you wish to take part in Bruce’s wonderful project, please send your videos to her by April 9th.

Who is your art hero?
Who or what inspires you?