Sunset Poppy by Dani GezaI’ve promised new changes at Incandescere over the past year, and I think some of you have eyed me with dubious glances across the interweb, wondering “So where’s the change, Candace?” Well, have no fear, I’m not backing out of my “campaign promise.” I’m simply steering the ship safely with a far more understated hand than you’d expect.

Allow me to explain.

First, it’s important to state that my blog no longer has a separate name as my website. The Lambent Letter is no more. The moniker “Incandescere” now represents both my business, my website and my blog.

Second, you’ll note that the content has subtly shifted into a more artistic perspective — a detail I mentioned back in August. Well, after the New Year begins, you’ll see a much more focused blog with a consistent voice representing what this self-professed nerd loves most about the wide, wide world of art and culture.

My promise? To never be stuffy or boring. To correct typos and unintentionally bad grammar with frightening speed. To help you connect with a world of emotion, identity and thought as it is expressed across a variety of creative mediums.

I’m a guide. I’m a critic. I’m a storyteller. In the coming year, please let my blog be your gateway to the brilliant, the provocative and the What The Hell?!

Here’s what you can expect to see here on Incandescere in 2015:

  1. Extra! Extra! — Curated news stories that have caught my eye in the vast world of the arts. I can’t say you’ll always find them fascinating, but I can say I won’t share news that would bore me to death writing about it. Ha!*
  2. Gallery Keen — You know those Lotus Moments I keep sharing? Well, those are really only supposed to consist of one solitary image. But lately, they’ve grown to multiple pictures. So I’ve decided to lean into it and let myself grow. The GK posts will feature only photos and no commentary. Just a headline identifying where the pictures were shot and that’s it.
  3. Reviews — Exactly what it says on the tin. If you’ve visited my blog in the past, you already know what to expect. If not, then you’ll see my inner critic getting a keyboard workout as I share my thoughts on local, regional and national arts and culture-related events. I’ll cover theater, lectures, dance performances, film festivals, museum exhibits, lectures, public art, books and those odd one-offs that defy classification.
  4. Steal This Quote — In the past I’ve professed my visceral contempt for obsequious quotes that obfuscate logic or reality. But believe it or not, there are rare birds of thought that I actually find inspiring. Sometimes those words are enough to help me get through a difficult week or ill-timed mood swing. And I plan to share those quotes with you beautiful people.
  5. Lotus Moments — I have a whole introductory post about the Lotus Moment series. I think I’ll keep it. 😉
  6. Indie Artist Showcase — Ok. I started this series a while ago, then I let it flounder. In 2015, it will regain new life and great purpose. In short, I love artists making their dreams come true, by hook or by crook. So anticipate more spotlights on wonderful creatives like those behind Penguins vs Possums and I plan to share my finds with you, but please don’t hesitate to recommend your finds with me.
  7. Art & Mind — Now you know I can’t have a blog without an avenue to express my own personal perspectives on this crazy, voyeuristic planet we live in. My goal? To share my thoughts on art, culture and how all of us are affected by society’s relationship with them. You can get a taste of what lies ahead with this post and this one. Warning: It gets mushy.

So those are the basics of what you’ll see on Incandescere after the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. I’m excited to see how it will all come together. I hope you’ll join me on this glorious trip and share your thoughts, queries and undying adulation (just kidding!) as we journey on our merry way.

* My journalism background loves the title of this category. But I expect no one to find it amusing but me.


Any captivating exhibits or singular creative badasses you’d like
to recommend for next year’s Extra! Extra! or Indie Artist Showcase?