Ed Note for Core Mag Issue 5

When I share with you, dear readers, places where you can find my writing, typically it’s in a location you can easily find online. But this time around, the “Where To Find Me” is in a digital publication called The Core Magazine. That’s right! For the latest issue of this Afrocentric tribute to self-care, wellness and community, the magazine’s theme focused on the world of creativity and artistic expression. So how could I not pitch an idea?!

And thankfully, the magazine’s creator, Amber Janae, liked my idea, and here we are!

Granted, the magazine issue is $5 per digital download, but I can assure you that if you’re interested in honoring amazing people “who inspire us to grow” and exploring activities, ideas and advice that will light your inner creative on fire, then Issue #5 won’t let you down. Sure, I’d love for you to read my article “Tapping Into The Artist Within” for free, but I also want to encourage you to support this wonderful publication dedicated to promoting emotional, spiritual and mental wellness, a subject that I address quite a bit here on my blog at Incandescere. As the magazine’s mission states:

“We believe that collective healing is the way to change the Universe. For this very reason, we pride ourselves on curating content for both men and women to be inspired together. When one heals, we all heal.”

In the piece I wrote for this issue, I offer some advice on how those who may not feel artistically inclined can work more creativity into their lives without the fear of embarrassment or spending a large amount of money in the process. I believe an artist lives in all of us, and no one should feel left behind if they want to participate. Although I suspect you may be surprised by what I suggest are artistic endeavors. 🙂

So go! Check out the latest issue of The Core Magazine. And if you like what you see, you can follow the publication on Twitter or Instagram to see what they’re up to for the next issue.

The Core Issue Five - Cover art