Journaling to mental health
It’s been a few *cough* years since I’ve written anything akin to a guest post on another blog. In fact, I’m not even sure they’re called guest posts anymore. I think it’s just blogging in someone else’s proverbial house.

Anyway, the lovely and talented Chenai created a brilliant space on this web invention, and it’s dedicated to promoting holistic wellness in a world that teaches us to give 110% every single hour of every single day. You see, Chenai and many others like her (read: me) believes this lifestyle approach is exhausting, unhealthy and unrealistic. Her YourWellness Blog offers advice, encouragement and reality checks on how to make your mental and psychological health a priority in a global culture of chaos.

I loved the idea and the energy of the space, so I asked Chenai if she’d let me pen a blog post for her, and voila! My piece “#TakeCare ~ Journaling For Better Health” was born from 19 years of keeping a handwritten journal and respecting the mental and physical benefits its produced in my life and health. Please go and take a gander if the subject piques your interest. And if not, … go and take a gander anyway. You might find some comforting words and suggestions that help you find calm and focus on a day you need it most.