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  • Jerk on the bus

I’m A People Watcher


I suppose every writer in some way or another watches people. Some may do so unabashedly. Others are a bit more discreet. Yet when your life insists you always notice the forest as well as […]

Five Questions

I’m a freelance writer and editor who creates intelligent, dynamic prose that connects, teaches and provokes your audience into remembering you and your message.
Tailor-made content, conscientious editing or warm, personable coaching in written self-expression without it getting weird.
Rich storytelling that lives on in your audiences’ minds like great fiction — except your story will be true.
Anyone creating a path that will enrich their lives or their community deserves to have their voice heard. I will help you raise your voice and shine a spotlight on you for all to see.
I’m happy you asked! Please find more answers to the most frequently asked questions on my FAQ page. And if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for there, feel free to ask me your question via my Contact page.


Candace is a talented writer and blogger. She eloquently addresses complex issues in the freelance community, and she never fails to impress me with the quality of her work. Her prose is highly engaging and artfully written without being stuffy or abstract. When I’m asked to recommend a writer, Candace is the first person on my list.
Emily Suess, Freelance Copywriter and Blogger, Suess’s Pieces
Candace is a fantastic writer. I’ve been working with her for the past couple years, and will always trust her judgment and expertise.
Joshua Smith, Executive Producer and Production Manager, True Source Entertainment
Candace’s writing pulls the reader in and makes them feel as if they are right there in the heart of the action. I have read many of her in-depth and well crafted concert reviews and interviews with artists. Each time, I am intrigued and learn something new. Candace is definitely the first person I would call on when my company begins looking for well crafted, detail-oriented technical writing as well.
Carol Levin, Closing Manager, Freedom Mortgage Corporation

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